Willett Family Estate - 13 Year Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

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Willett Family Estate - 13 Year Bourbon


Barrel # 3658

119.8 Proof

Bottle 97 of 121

Classic sipping bourbon continues to be one of the most savored liquors on the market, and many have lined up to generate new and innovative ways to perfect this ‘liquid of the gods’. To be able to generate a ‘buzz’ among a world that is so well versed in the ways of bourbon is something to be proud of. Willett celebrates this feat in their wonderfully aged offerings, including their 13 year old Family Estate single barrel bourbon. It seductively follows in the long legacy of Willett standards of excellence with soft waves of flavor and a richly decadent aroma. Believe us, it’s a win just finding one bottle of this beautifully charred masterpieces!

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